Via Francigena

Go on an adventure on the Via Francigena

A charming, suggestive and beautiful route: on the Via Francigena the bond between spirituality and adventure is displayed in all its complexity. The Via Francigena is a chance to travel, to discover places and people and to learn more about our ability to put ourselves out there. To push ourselves beyond our limits, on an age-old route that for Europe has always represented much more than just a way to Rome.
In a time when the pilgrimage to the sites of the Christendom was an act of faith and redemption, the Via Francigena became strategically relevant not only for those pushed by a sincere religious fervour. It also helped many cities to prosper and develop, many businesses flourish, many ideas to bloom.

A route full of emotions

We are so far from the time when Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, described the journey back from Rome, in the X century: many pilgrims before him travelled to the grave of the Apostle Peter, while others reached the Holy Land or Santiago de Compostela. Today’s travellers are not the same, but their pulse to start an adventurous and exciting journey is always the same.
From Val D’Aosta to the deep Puglia, the Via Francigena runs through spectacular landscapes: it climbs the Alps, slowly advances through the Apennines, rests under the shade of the trees, gently crosses the plains, beholds lakes and rivers, stands by the sea. The Via Francigena is the path of the adventurers, of the lovers of nature and beauty, of the walkers, the bikers, the trekkers. In a nutshell: it is for those who feel alive!

Dalla Val d’Aosta fino alla profonda Puglia, la Via Francigena attraversa territori spettacolari: si inerpica sulle Alpi, procede adagio sugli Appennini, si riposa all’ombra dei boschi, attraversa docile la pianura, contempla laghi e fiumi, si affaccia sul mare. La Via Francigena è la strada degli avventurieri, degli amanti della natura e del bello, di quelli a cui piace camminare, pedalare, fare trekking. In due parole: sentirsi vivi!

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