Pilgrim’s kit

The pilgrim’s kit

The pilgrim’s backspack

The pilgrim’s equipment has to be essential and practical. To travel with a light backpack which does not weight more than 10 kg is crucial for the pilgrimage’s outcome! To arrange the perfect backpack, you simply have to follow some best practice:

The traveller’s fundamentals

What goes in your backpack? It depends on the segment you want to travel: being on the Alps or the Apennines is quite different than being in a lowland. Anyway, there are some essential thing that apply to every season.

Here is a list of the necessary equipment to face the travel:

Winter: a season for experts only

To undertake the Via Francigena during the cold season is more complex than do it in summer: the backpack weights more, the route is more difficult, you can have to face rain, snow and ice, drying the clothes become more laborious. In the pilgrim’s backpack, both in winter and summer, must always be all the item we mentioned before.

Via Francigena is not a technically difficult route, but who is not a real skilled travelled should avoid it during the winter. Anyway, it is necessary to perfectly plan the travel and to know in advance if the facilities are open and heated. The best months to travel on the Via Francigena are the ones from May to September: in May and April, there is a chance to find snow, ice and rain. Last thing: in winter the Gran San Bernardo’s pass (Val D’Aosta) is closed!

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